Smart Service Customization

The project "Smart Service Customization" focuses on developing smart services for the next generation of customized product and service designs. Smart Services stand for the entire process of exploiting life-cycle data through individual services and data driven business models.
As a result of the accelerated development and integration of industry 4.0 solutions and the on-going digitalization of processes and services in enterprises the amount of data emerging throughout the entire service lifecycle is growing – starting at the development, continuing throughout production up to the service life phase. The data collected (e.g. process and sensor data) is extremely heterogeneous.
The systematic analysis and processing of this data is a great challenge for many companies. The systematic aggregation and processing of this data, collected by sensor networks for example, to Smart Data is the first step to meet this challenge. It enables companies to optimize their product lifecycle management and service processes.

The second step is using the gained Smart Data systematically to develop customized services based on the continuously aggregated lifecycle data. Furthermore, Smart Services can support decision-making, when it comes to revise products, decide whether a component needs to be further modularized to facilitate maintenance or product design in general e.g.

For an on point support of enterprises developing Smart Services, our researchers built a methodology toolkit. This toolkit allows the development of Smart Services that process requests for high-order information, based on heterogeneous data sets. The modular adaptive toolkit contains two components: the analysis, integration and evaluation of heterogeneous data on an integration platform, from which higher-order information can be derived, and a Smart Service Cockpit generating customized processes and services for data driven business models.

This toolkit is adaptable for a great variety of industries. It facilitates tailoring individual products and services for each customer, maintenance services for end customers, operators or owners of infrastructure. For interested companies Methods and tools will be adjusted in a way that allows them to obtain the necessary information for their company specific customization and to derive the fitting configuration for their product and service offerings. Fraunhofer Institutes IPK and FOKUS will accompany und support their project partners with analysis und definition of requirements and interfaces, integration of data into a platform, the deduction of high-order information, as well as development of Smart Services up to the implementation of prototypes and demonstrators.