Our objective

The center offers applied research in the area of digital networking in cooperation with industry.

The key research areas are:

Networked industry & production
Networked mobility and city of the future
Networked healthcare

Networked critical infrastructures & energy

The applied research of the four initiating institutes complements itself to one another constructively: IZM focuses on embedded systems and their interaction with real environments, HHI is working on the networking of such systems, IPK concerns itself with their processor-based utilization and FOKUS with the holistic integration in a comprehensive internet.

The cooperation with the universities, polytechnics and further research institutions in Berlin and Brandenburg is an essential part for the establishment of the center and its advancement.

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Fraunhofer FOKUS

How can companies participate in the center?

In the form of joint research projects with the participating Fraunhofer Institutes and through the use of technological infrastructures of the institutes. Currently eight research projects and four Transfer-centers are planned. 

What added value does the center offer for companies and the location Berlin respectively?

The center should help the economy and regional companies in the realization of the opportunities in an ever increasing digitization as well as in the management of risk as and when required, in order to attain a leading role internationally. Since digital networking can only be viewed and promoted in an international context, strategic partners from outside the region should also be integrated into the center.
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application scenarios and technology platforms Fraunhofer FOKUS