IoT Hub Berlin 
Factory Works GmbH

IoT Hub Berlin creates a unique space for encounters between young entrepreneurs and established industry

On 2 July 2018, the IoT Hub Berlin opened its new premises in the Factory at Görlitzer Park. The Partners Factory Works GmbH, Next Big Thing AG, Berlin Partner and the Berlin Center for Digital Transformation were also present.

The Digital Hub Initiative of the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) has been running since the end of 2016. From the very beginning, Berlin has been one of the twelve selected competence locations in Germany and focuses on the topics Internet of Things (IoT) and FinTech. On 2 July the new rooms in the Factory at Görlitzer Park were opened. Here a space for exchange, networking of young founders with the established industry as well as renowned research institutions is being created.

"In the new rooms of the IoT Hub we have the chance to help shape the digital future in Berlin. We are looking forward to the new, fresh ideas that will hopefully emerge in cooperation with the founders, start-ups and partners of the IoT Hub. We want to actively make our technology portfolio available here for cooperation and thus advance digitization and develop new business models," says Jürgen Diller, branch manager of the Fraunhofer Berlin Center for Digital Transformation.

At the opening, the Fraunhofer Berlin Center for Digital Transformation also presented itself with two exhibits. Visitors were able to experience how cyber-physical systems (CPS) - e.g. production systems networked via the Internet - can be flexibly adapted to customer requirements. This is particularly important for systems that manufacture different product variants, such as in the automotive industry. The assistance system developed by the Berlin Center for Digital Transformation enables users to quickly and flexibly adapt the underlying process model using model-based, context-sensitive instructions.

A second exhibit dealt with the so-called "retrofitting" of existing industrial plants. These will be equipped with sensors in order to collect additional data essential for the operating status of the plants. This data can be used to monitor industrial plants in real time and to carry out intelligent, predictive maintenance management. Anomalies in the operation and abrasion of the plants can thus be detected at an early stage and protective measures can be taken automatically, locally and in real time. The Berlin Center for Digital Transformation offers its customers a fog-edge-based condition monitoring system for this purpose.

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