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Fraunhofer FOKUS

Petra Steffens and Jürgen Diller manage the business office of the Berlin Center for Digital Transformation​

On the 1st of July 2016, Petra Steffens had already taken charge for technical management of the business office. Since the 1st of August Jürgen Diller is the head of the business office of the Center for Digital Transformation.

The Berlin Center for Digital Transformation is an institution of the Fraunhofer Society. It develops technologies and solutions that take account of the increasing digitization and cross-linking of all aspects of life. Focus is on key and cross-sectional technologies for applications in healthcare, medicine, mobility and city of the future, industry and production as well as critical infrastructures. In the center, the four Fraunhofer-Institutes FOKUS, HHI, IPK and IZM bundle their competencies in the areas of information and communication technologies (ICT), data processing, production and microelectronics. Together with partners from industry, the research findings are directly transferred into practice.

The business office coordinates the research activities within the center, represents it in public as well as national and international committees and networks. It forms the bridge to the Industrieforum Digitale Vernetzung (IFDV): While innovative project ideas are identified and project plans initiated within the scope of the center, the industry forum coordinates the cooperation between industry and the associations. The aim of the IFDV is to create a platform that supports both small and middle sized companies and start-ups as well as large companies in their digital transformation.

Since the 1st of July 2016 Petra Steffens is responsible for the technical management of the business office. She studied Computational Linguistics and Computer Science at the universities of Munich, Exeter (GB) and Bonn. After 16 year in industry engaged in development and research activities as well as international business development, she is with the Fraunhofer Society since 1999. Her technical focus is on process oriented software architectures for federated organizations and the transfer into practice of innovative digital technologies.

Since the 1st of August 2016 Jürgen Diller is as head of the business office of the center, the contact person for customers from industry. Jürgen Diller studied industrial engineering in Karlsruhe and has years of experience in the areas of sales, change management and international business development. He was active as member of the board and as chief executive officer of mid-sized companies and start-ups. Business models and digital innovation are his passion and core competencies.

The Center for Digital Transformation is funded by the Berlin Senate Administration for Economics, Technology and Research as well as from European Regional Development Funds (EFRE).