LZDV, UVB, Kick-off
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Unternehmensverbände and the Berlin Center for Digital Transformation support companies in their digital change process

The Unternehmensverbände Berlin-Brandenburg (UVB) and the Berlin Center for Digital Transformation want to accelerate technology transfer.

In the future, businesses in Berlin and Brandenburg will have better access to workable digital applications for the industry. Companies should be able to use technologies developed in the capital's universities and research institutions even faster than before in production and development. This is the core of a new cooperation between the Unternehmensverbänden Berlin-Brandenburg (UVB) and the Fraunhofer Berlin Center for Digital Transformation, for which the heads of both organizations gave the go-ahead on Wednesday in Berlin.

"Small and medium-sized companies in particular are in need of support in the face of rapid digital transformation. The Fraunhofer Berlin Center for Digital Transformation is an ideal partner for us to bring innovations into business practice. This will make the capital region even more competitive," said UVB President Dr. Frank Büchner. "We want to help make Berlin a beacon for the next wave of digitization," added Prof. Manfred Hauswirth, spokesman for the Digital Networking Performance Center. "To this end, we are organizing the close cooperation of university and non-university research with industry. With its Fraunhofer Institutes, other renowned research institutions, universities, companies and the exciting start-up scene, Berlin is an ideal location for digital change".

The cooperation will focus on the areas of mobility and the city of the future, industry and production as well as critical infrastructures. The Fraunhofer Berlin Center researches basic and cross-sectional technologies as well as solutions for day-to-day business. With their "UVB Digital Laboratory" platform, the Unternehmensverbänden have been supporting associations and companies in their digital transformation for two years now.

The cooperation began with a forum entitled "How digital assistance systems change work". The focus was on which digital assistance systems - from 3D printers to augmented reality glasses - are already working and paying off in practice today. In addition, the Fraunhofer experts reported to the 100 company representatives on the state of the art in industry 4.0. They also discussed the influence of digitization on training and further education and the transfer of knowledge in companies. "No company can cope with the challenges of digital change on its own," said UVB President Dr. Büchner.

The Fraunhofer Berlin Center for Digital Transformation is a cooperation of the four Berlin Fraunhofer Institutes FOKUS, HHI, IPK and IZM. Industrial partners and public institutions have the opportunity to cooperate with the participating Fraunhofer Institutes within the framework of research projects.