Production Environment

The Project will create solutions for future smart production and maintenance environments. Scenarios will demonstrate these solutions for mobile context-based working, multimedia interaction and cooperation with production plant systems. 


Photonics Enhanced Data Centers

To increase the acceptance in the industry two measures must be taken. First of all the analysis and validation of innovative cost-effective packaging concepts that base on rapid laser- and highly-sensitive photodiode-chips. Second of all development of innovative, thermo-mechanical design of this module in order to realize the performance of the data connection. 


Smart Service Customization

The project "Smart Service Customization" focuses on developing smart services for the next generation of customized product and service designs. Smart Services stand for the entire process of exploiting life-cycle data through individual services and data driven business models.


Additive Component Manufacturing

Components increasingly require smart functionalities. A promising approach is the integration of electronic actuators and sensors, that measure and control functionality and condition of the component. 


I4.0 Suitcase

The main goal is to develop a solution that enables SMEs to individually keep track of their added value with minimal planning and implementation costs. This way the producing SME can save implementation costs and time planning and implementing solutions for production-related controlling. This also delivers order specific single component parameters. 


The project i-Wireless stands for Industrial Wireless and Edge Clouds for the control and monitoring of processes and plants. In this project a holistic approach is followed to the introduction of wireless sensors and actuators in machines, tools and components as well as the integrating and networking of the data generated by these to cloud infrastructures via mobile wireless, optical communication technologies and semantics.


Modular Application Development System

When it comes to the Inter of Things (IoT) or Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) very little time passes between having the first idea, an operating model and having even a first product line on the shelf. This is why we as part of the transfer center hardware for CPS will provide a modular development platform, consisting of hard- and software components.

Real Time Data Hub

In the future smart cities will rely even further on sensors and IT based actors to obtain traffic and environmental data and if needed intervene. The amount of data collected will be enormous. Furthermore, this data will have to be aggregated and analyzed. Real Time Data Hub plans to develop a platform fit to meet these very heterogeneous challenges. Via this platform data, collected by sensors distributed all over town, will be aggregated, analyzed and made accessible for people and machines.


Digitally integrated Model for Rehabilitation

To better the quality of rehabilitation therapy it is essential to guarantee the continuity of data aggregation. Patients will profit from a seamless therapeutic chain starting with acute care up to tele rehabilitation at home. Vital for a successful home-based rehabilitation is the motivation of the patient to carry on with their therapy.


Conformable Sensor Systems

IoT –Systems were built to be integrated in all kinds of surroundings. They are meant to blend in and adapt to environmental conditions and geometric forms. For example implementing new sensors supporting building surveillance must not lead to construction works on the building. This project is working on sensor networks that are both flexible and resilient against hard environmental conditions. 

Smart Streets

Passengers carrying mobile devices, wearables, connected or autonomous driving cars, delivery robots, drones, connected street furniture, from the digital displays to the sensor monitored waste containers and canalization - the streets of the future have be smart and connected. They are in need of a comprehensive IoT-infrastructure with transmission standards matching the data communication as well as innovative IoT sensors and services that guarantee security and comfort for all road users.