Real Time Data Hub

Traffic and Environmental Data

In the future smart cities will rely even further on sensors and IT based actors to obtain traffic and environmental data and if needed intervene. The amount of data collected will be enormous.


Furthermore, this data will have to be aggregated and analyzed. Real Time Data Hub plans to develop a platform fit to meet these very heterogeneous challenges. Via this platform data, collected by sensors distributed all over town, will be aggregated, analyzed and made accessible for people and machines.

The business unit Digital Public Services (DPS) of Fraunhofer FOKUS has collected experience in development and implementation of open data portals for years, on top the business unit NGNI has great expertise in the IoT area and owns a successful M2M middleware. Fraunhofer IZM adds their experience in microelectronics and sensor integration. This combination of knowledge enables the realization of the project goals: conception and prototype development of a real time data platform in combination with exemplary and distributed sensors.

The platform will create a mighty and efficient tool to make cities more flexible and adaptable. Real time sensor data can be provided easily and immediately. Empowering enterprises to develop own services, offerings and business models. Real Time Data Hub relies on established technologies. Making it simple to add on and upgrade existing open data infrastructure.