Smart Wearable Robotics System

Intelligent Ergonomics Support


  • Continual increase in the average age of the industrial workforce
  • Increased risk of sick leave through disorders of the locomotor system
  • Common causes: unergonomic, repetitive movement, heavy lifting, constrained postures
  • Improved ergonomics is the key to keeping healthy
  • Need for intelligent systems to support workers’ body movements



  • Modular wearable soft-robotics system to assist movement of the upper body
  • Intelligent real-time movement analysis for identification of ergonomic and unergonomic movements
  • Intuitive and simple force assistance
  • Option of integration in digital networks for extended data analysis and interaction with automation systems
  • Use in manufacturing, logistics and services



Modular soft-robotics upper body orthosis with optional force assistance:

  • Real-time movement measurement and analysis
  • Automatic recognition and classification of movement patterns
  • Real-time user feedback 
  • Integration into digital networks


Range of Services

  • Technology transfer and development support for system providers
  • Demonstration and customer-specific evaluation in industrial environments
  • Customer-direct pilot application including customized developments and data analysis