Modular Application Development System

Modular Kit for Hard- and Software

When it comes to the Inter of Things (IoT) or Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) very little time passes between having the first idea, an operating model and having even a first product line on the shelf. This is why we as part of the transfer center hardware for CPS will provide a modular development platform, consisting of hard- and software components.


The technological basis of these modules is SMD Embedding. These modules can be either plugged together, soldered in a highly reliant matter, glued or sintered, while obtaining a uniform hard- and software interface. The integration of various basic sensors, controllers and wireless interfaces enable the functional variety of this system. Next to basic sensors, this system will also include a 24-GHz-radar sensor. This sensor can easily be added on top of any device. Consequently, there are numerous use-cases. For example, connecting devices in Smart Homes and Cities, or the food industry.

It is possible to integrate further sensor elements to detect mechanical tension, vibration, carbon monoxide and glucose. Due to Wafer-Level-technology, production cost are particularly low. As an intermediate step to ensuring system development, a test board will be set up, that verifies the functionality of each developed sensor element.

Not only hardware, but also the programming interface of the development environment will be developed and implemented, as well as a reconfigurable firmware will be developed and tested.

After finishing this project, there will be access to hard- and software in a variety of module kits, that can quickly be reconfigured, depending on the application or measurement requirements. This way a fast and non-expensive access for industry customers to test and validate radio sensor-based solutions is just one-step away.