Production Environment

Smart Technologies

The project will create solutions for future smart production and maintenance environments. Scenarios will demonstrate these solutions for mobile context-based working, multimedia interaction and cooperation with production plant systems.


These solutions achieve real-time interconnection of production plants and process with their virtual digital twins and models. Proper AR-visualization technology will realize the integration of assistance into your working environment. A special focus lies on both, providing context-based information on the go for your employee according to their current situation and the environment. Another focal point is the exploration of possibilities of multimedia and multimodal interaction with production plant systems.

The embedding and comparison of virtual and digital twins and models with their counter parts, the production plants and processes in the real world, will be a key functionality. A variety of sensors will monitor the actual behavior of the production plant and its processes in real-time, data will be processed instantly and enable a comparison/correlation between the simulated virtual model and the plant. Results, obtained through evaluation of processes and simulations, will directly be embedded in the actual working context and environment via visualization technology.

This project will use and further the development of new enabling technology such as robust "wireless communication", methods of "Tactile Internet", distributed sensors to record and measure objects and environments precisely including their static and dynamic characteristics. This enables digital support to domain-specific information services based on Cloud and Fog-Computing. To achieve this, we will develop enabling technologies, communication platforms and infrastructure for robust and reliable wireless communication within industrial production environments and interconnected, distributed information processing (Corporate Smart Content e.g.). Additionally this project will aggregate information and application services, which record and surveil the environment, identify, locate and pursue people and objects, include data analytics and prediction, models mapping and simulating plants and process, as well as technologies visualizing, tele-presence digitally supporting and connecting working processes. It is possible to combine the developed components in selected applications. We evaluate and demonstrate these in a real production environment at the »Produktionstechnisches Zentrum« in Berlin.