Digitally integrated Model for Rehabilitation

Health Monitoring Technologies

Between 2009 and 2020 the number of rehabilitation measures will increase about 5,6%. Common reasons for this include the demographic change. To better the quality of rehabilitation therapy it is essential to guarantee the continuity of data aggregation. Patients will profit from a seamless therapeutic chain starting with acute care up to tele rehabilitation at home. Vital for a successful home-based rehabilitation is the motivation of the patient to carry on with their therapy.



To establish a better aggregation of data SmartRehab will further develop and customize the renowned tele-health platform MeineReha®. We aim to build a regional and Germany-wide model region. Individualized Feedback for patients and automatically adjusted therapy schedules based on relevant health data will motivate patients to follow through with their schedule. This way, it can be assured that therapy results are reached and both patient and therapist are content with the outcome.

Technical Approach

To achieve these goals SmartRehab will develop new health monitoring technologies. This includes bundling various sensor data and precise analytics of this data. Measured data includes vital, movement and cognition data. Additionally algorithms automatically adjusting therapy helping to facilitate and simultaneously improve the process of rehabilitation. Parallel to this, we will further the development of smart moving aids and robot-based assisting system.