5G Technologies


The Transfer Center for 5G Technologies should integrate ongoing research and development for the enhancement of the 5th Generation mobile technology in early tests with partners of the mobile communications industry.   

The task of the 5G Transfer Center is to bring ongoing research with partners to an experimental testing as soon as possible, in order to make a significant contribution towards the development and standardization of 5th generation mobile networks.

The Transfer Center for 5G Technologies will thereby be an important contact point for national and international research projects, preliminary studies for product development as well as a test center for product tests of 5th generation mobile networks.

Already today, the 5G Berlin Testbed is an integral component in international projects within the H2020-5GPPP framework, e.g. Millimeter-Magic, Fantastic-5G, 5G-Crosshaul, Carisma, as well as in EU-Asian Projects MiWEBA, STRAUSS, 5G-MiEdge, 5G-Pagoda (EU-Japan) and 5G-CHAMPION (EU-Korea).

Thereby the 5G Transfer Center can lean on a solid base of 5G-ready-infrastructur (5G-Berlin) and a number of 5G-reseach projects, in order to transfer, together with partners the services to the real world.