IoT solutions and development environments in the transfer center IoT range from interconnection and integration of physical enddevices (sensors, actuators, CPS, gateways etc.) to fixed-line and mobile connectivity in near and far field, of M2M and IoT platforms up to data analysis functionality for machine learning and artificial intelligence. Start-ups developing their own IoT product, but also SMEs and large enterprises find tools, solutions and development environments for a fast and customized implementation of IoT ideas and solutions.

M2M and IoT Gateways & Platforms – Connectivity, Communication, Data Aggregation & Analysis


Using the standard-based M2M/IoT platforms OpenMTC, OpenIoTFog and IoT Core demanding IoT solutions can be realized at the IoT transfer center.

Integration and Interconnection of Sensors and Actuators


Integration and interconnection of sensors and actuators is realized by means of OneM2M “Interworking Proxy Entities” (IPEs). There exist already IPEs for a number of sensors, actuators and communication protocols (Zigbee, Bluetooth, FS20, LPWAN, Modbus, Profinet, RFID, MEMS, etc.). For integration and interconnection of further enddevices and network protocols it is straightforward to develop additional IPEs.

Standard-based M2M Communication Protocols


For machine-to-machine communication between M2M gateways and sensors, or cloud-based M2M platforms and cyber-physical systems there are available on the data plane modules for HTTP, MQTT, CoAP and web sockets, on the application plane OneM1M and OPC UA. They support the realization of IoT solutions for various modes of communication (1-to-1, 1-to-many, many-to-many) and for required communication intervals and energy efficiency.

Programmable M2M/IoT Gateways


For the interconnection of sensors and actuators the IoT transfer center offers a wide selection of commercial IoT gateways with various form factors and various processing capacities. Making use of innovative OpenIoTFOg and IoT Core solutions, applications from a IoT App Store can be installed dynamically on the local gateways. For instance, functionality that can be easily programmed is available for security (encryption, VPN, firewall), local data analysis (machine learning, video analysis, complex event processing) and local control loops.

Cloud-based M2M/IoT Platforms 


Based on the OneM2M based OpenMTC solution and IoT Core global data aggregation, device management and data analysis functionality is made available. From a multitude of M2M/gateways and enddevices data can be aggregated, stored, processed and analyzed in applications, and used in rule-based decision making for actuator control.

Target Group:

  • Start-ups, SMEs and large enterprises that want to implement innovative IoT/I4.0 solutions and applications in a standard-based, customized and agile way.

Testbeds for IoT in Telecommunication Industry


The business unit NGNI has long standing experience in the development and provisioning of end-to-end testbeds, which are used by SMEs, research institutes and large telecommunication operators. NGNI continuously enhances and extends testbed functionality according to individual customer requirements. This includes

  • Development of standard compliant and customized solutions for the provisioning of communication channels and network connectivity for IoT devices
  • Customer specific developments and enhancements of end-to-end testbeds by integration of IoT technology and sensors that are commercially available or unter development 

Development of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) Applications in IoT 


The business unit VISCOM has long standing expertise in design and development of algorithms and applications for virtual reality and augmented reality. Such systems are always strongly connected with sensor networks, that provide data to VR/AR applications via deterministic Ethernet and IoT standards.

Development of IoT Applications using Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence    

The IoT transfer center offers rapid prototyping and innovative development of demonstrators, prototypes, PoCs based on the DANA Analytics&AI development platform. In addition, we offer “AI enablement” – digital data curation and transformation of data into “smart insights” using smart data analytics and machine learning technologies.