Our IoT testing center offers conformance, interoperability, performance and security testing for product validation, pre-certification and quality assurance. IoT device manufacturers and service and solution providers profit from the comprehensive service portfolio of the IoT testing center. The following testing is currently offered:

Risk Management for IoT Solutions and Applications 


RACOMAT developed by Fraunhofer FOKUS is a tool for risk management combining risk assessment with security testing. Security testing can be integrated into event simulations that are used by the RACOMAT tool for risk calculation. The RACOMAT tool allows extensive automation from risk modelling to security testing. The RACOMAT tool uses databases of known threat scenarios to ensure a high degree of reusability and fault prevention.

IoT Security Testing


Security testing has become an essential building block of the development cycle in the interconnected world. Fuzz testing has become an established technique in order to detect unknown security vulnerabilities (0 day vulnerabilities). Under this testing technique the interfaces of the system under test are confronted with invalid and unexpected input in order to test their robustness. Fuzzino allows to conduct IT security test cases and functional test cases with the same tool.

Automotive IoT Testing


The V2X testing stand at Fraunhofer FOKUS offers a testing environment for systematic automated tesing of V2X systems. It assists in conformance, interoperability, acceptance and regression tests, and checks V2X systems for various requirements, e.g. functionality, real-time performance or stability. The V2X testing stand can be employed as virtual testing stand enabling testing during early software development phases and helps to reduce cost intensive testing on original hardware.

Testbeds of IoT in Telecommunications


The infrastructure provided by NGNI allows:

  • Testing of core network components with regard to interoperability, virtualization support, and multi-  slicing for IoT
  • Trials of 5G IoT applications in indoor and outdoor testbeds
  • Benchmarking of network resources required for specific IoT applications and services

Industry 4.0 TSN Interoperability Center


The currently established TSN interoperability center will open in Q1 2018 and offers interoperability and conformance tests for time sensitive networking (TSN) components and end nodes:

  • conformance and functionality testing of TSN specific behavior
  • complete emulation o TSN Talkers and TSN Listeners
  • analysis of temporal behavior of TSN streams in depending on a global clock
  • execution of performance and load testing