UVB Digital Forum "Assistance Systems"

Work organization in digital transformation - Ready for digital technologies?

Digitally integrated production links people, tools and machines, entire process networks are being reorganized. We invite you to get to the bottom of this.

Whether innovative individual technology or targeted process changes - the organisation of work is changing. The technological basis is provided by digital assistance systems that not only modernize work processes but also create completely new framework conditions.

Together with the Fraunhofer Berlin Center for Digital Transformation and the VR Business Club, we want to get to the bottom of this change and cordially invite you to the second Digital Forum "Assistance Systems" of the UVB Digital Laboratory. In addition to exciting insights into practical solution approaches, a guided tour through the Industry 4.0 Lab offers you the opportunity to see various assistance systems in action. Digital and physical process assistance as well as robot control from the cloud are just two of the examples that you can experience live on site.

In the subsequent workshop of the VR Business Club together with the Mittelstand 4.0 Agentur-Kommunikation, things will get more specific. Here, everything revolves around digital assistance through VR and AR technologies and their specific applications in industrial work processes. From service and maintenance to production, work organization and training, all areas will be highlighted and discussed together with the help of the »fishbowl method«. In addition to application scenarios for individual technologies, the aim is above all to convey and discuss an understanding of framework conditions, cost structures and implementation methods.


02:00 pm

Opening and Introduction

Jürgen Diller, Fraunhofer Berlin Center for Digital Transformation

Eckhard Hohwieler, Fraunhofer Transfer Center Industry 4.0

Sven Weickert, Unternehmensverbände Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.

Maren Courage, VR Business Club

02:30 pm

Assistance systems in practice

Dr. Karsten Königstein, SINFOSY GmbH

Claudia Heim, DigiWhat

03:00 pm

Live demonstration in the production lab:

Showcases of industry 4.0 applications

Eckhard Hohwieler, Fraunhofer Transfer Center Industry 4.0

04:00 pm

Break and time for discussions

VR and AR technologies to try out

Present4D I Meshicon I Nxtbase

05:00 pm

VR and AR technologies in production, service/maintenance and training

Digitally assisted CIP

Daniel Wolff, inpro

Talk to specific application scenarios using the »fishbowl method«

Presentation: Prof. Dr. Thomas Thiessen, Mittelstand 4.0 Agentur-Kommunikation

07:00 pm

Get together

Location: Berlin Center for Digital Transformation, Transfer Center Industry 4.0 at Fraunhofer IPK, Pascalstraße 8-9, 10587 Berlin

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